Supportive Services

Supportive Services

Supportive Services is STEP’s largest component in terms of programs. Eleven programs make up Supportive Services that serve the majority of STEP’s clients.

Home Delivered Meals

Congregate MealsSTEP provides home delivered meals to senior citizens in Franklin County and Patrick County.  STEP receives funding and referrals from the Southern Area Agency on Aging (SAAA).  Staff and volunteers deliver hot, nutritious meals Monday through Friday to homebound senior citizens.  STEP also provides a weekly supply of frozen meals that our seniors can consume throughout the week, and bagged groceries and Ensure to clients who live in remote areas of the county.  In addition to delivering meals, our volunteers also provide a friendly face, someone to chat with, and the security of knowing that person is checked on Monday through Friday!

Congregate Meals

Senior MealsSTEP prepares nutritious lunches that are combined with nutrition education and activities on specific days throughout Patrick and Franklin counties. Meals are prepared and delivered by our kitchen staff. Approximately 150 Seniors are served lunch at Congregate sites every week.




Senior Transportation

In Patrick County, STEP operates senior transportation services for transportation to senior lunch sites, medical appointments, and grocery shopping. More than 50 seniors are transported weekly allowing them the freedom to be more mobile, more self-sufficient, and to remain in their home.

Resources for Seniors

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Virginia Community Action Re-Entry System (VA CARES)

Virginia CARES, Inc. is a statewide network of programs that assist ex-offenders and their families in making a successful transition from prison back to their community. Assistance includes obtaining necessary forms of identification, support groups, job services, housing, life skills counseling, and restoration of rights. STEP Virginia CARES is offered in Franklin County, Patrick County, Henry County, and the City of Martinsville.

Homeless Prevention Program (HPP)

STEP provides homeless prevention services to the counties of Franklin, Patrick, Henry, and Pittsylvania and the cities of Danville and Martinsville.  Funded through the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), the homeless prevention program provides time-limited financial assistance and case management services to low-income families and individuals who are at risk of losing their housing (rental only).

Homeless Solutions and Rapid Re-Housing (HSG)

Funded through the Virginia Department of Community and Housing Development (DHCD), the homeless solutions and rapid re-housing program provides emergency financial assistance in the form of time-limited rental and utility assistance and deposits to individuals and families who are literally homeless.  STEP provides HSG in Franklin, Patrick, Henry, and Pittsylvania counties and the cities of Martinsville and Danville.

Martinsville Area Homeless Services

Funded through the United Way of Martinsville, this program seeks to provide services and vital community linkages to individuals experiencing a housing crisis.  We assist in housing location, landlord advocacy, and tenant education along with assisting the individual with basic needs to overcome their housing crisis.  STEP is active in the West Piedmont Better Housing Coalition, a regional homeless services and advocacy board committed to reducing homelessness in our region.

Community Youth Garden

STEP’s youth garden is designed to teach healthy nutrition behaviors to at-risk youth.  Students learn the basics of building and sustaining a garden along with nutrition education in order to increase healthy behaviors that will carry on into adulthood.